How Parkour Saved My Life - Parkour and Freerunning Documentary

Published August 17, 2014

Rumble “Dear Viewers,
In this video you will learn about many things that effect my life on a daily basis. You will learn about my thoughts on training and my passion for movement. From seeing this I don’t want you to leave without receiving the message I am trying to portray. The overall theme I try to express here is to follow not only your dreams, but also your heart. Whatever may makes you happy, is what you should follow. So as you watch and enjoy this video about my own personal experience with “the pursuit of happiness,” I beg you to think deeply about your own pursuit and what life may have in store for you.
Who knows? Maybe you'll change the world one day."

Much Love,
Casey R. Jones

As you know, it's our goal here at No Anchor to share videos that showcase the amazing talents of amazing athletes that we've had the privilege to meet in our travels.
Sometimes, however, the story behind someone's incredible talent is every bit as amazing as the talent itself. This is the case with our good friend Casey Jones. We hope you will enjoy his message & let it inspire you as much as it has inspired us!

The No Anchor Crew