These Orphaned Baby Sloths In Costa Rica Get A New Chance At Life

Published April 1, 2017 1,751 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsTragedy doesn’t choose, it can affect everyone of us at any given time. But no matter how hard life can get, when faced with adversity, we are presented with second chances with the right people. Just like these <a href="" target="_blank">baby sloths</a> were dealt some difficult hands in their short lives, but found new hope in the hands of these good Samaritans in Costa Rica.

These are the baby sloths of Toucan Rescue Ranch who lost their mothers. They are orphaned by car accidents, electrocution, dog attacks and deforestation.

When the orphans arrive at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, they are put with other sloths matching their size, health and skill levels. They play on ropes tied to rocking chairs to learn how to navigate moving branches in the wild.

These babies are “Preschoolers". Once they gain health and weight they graduate to “High School". They have around the clock care by a sloth team and a personal vet. Once they reach weight requirements and show natural behaviors they are placed in a large pre-release enclosure in the rainforest. In this pre-release enclosure, they develop the final natural behaviors required to be <a href="" target="_blank">released</a> as fully wild and free animals.

This journey of an orphaned sloth’s rescue, rehab and release normally takes 2 years.