Friendly cat pampers spoiled dog25s

Friendly cat pampers spoiled dog

We have quite the friendship on our hands here! Take a look at how caring and loving this kitty is towards her doggy friend. She puts her effort into giving this doggy a bath. This is truly one of those rare occasions where cats and dogs can get along!

Published: July 31, 201716,548 plays$17.75 earned
Kid reunites with dogs after 1m19s

Kid reunites with dogs after "long" day at school

Here we have very anxious two dogs who have been waiting on their friend, the little boy in the video. This little boy goes to preschool for 2 hours a day, but these dogs act like it's an eternity! Everyone is so excited to see each other afterwards, and you can hear Max the German Shepherd cry when he sees who walks through the door. What a Beautiful friendship!

Published: March 20, 201768,869 plays$241.20 earned
tiny dog demands attention from young kid 52s

tiny dog demands attention from young kid

Penny absolutely loves our 5 year old son and she also loves having her chest scratched. Our son wanted to just sit and watch a movie and every time he would get distracted and stop petting her chest she would pull his hand toward her and demand he keep scratching her. It's hilarious and cute all in the same time!

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dog tug of war 27s

dog tug of war

our German shepherd plays a game of tug of war with or ferocious tiny dog

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Toddler and German shepherd squirt gun fight51s

Toddler and German shepherd squirt gun fight

Our son and German shepherd kept each other entertained with a squirt gun at a lake this summer. Both of them had a blast playing with each other. Our dog max even got good at splashing our son back.

Published: July 26, 2016121 plays$0.37 earned
25 pound puppy VS 5 pound chihuahua46s

25 pound puppy VS 5 pound chihuahua

Our German shepherd max was 4 months old and loves to play tug of war with penny our chihuahua mix. It's so cute watching them play together and penny can hold her own!

Published: July 8, 2016252 plays$0.55 earned
Little dog steals German shepherds bone15s

Little dog steals German shepherds bone

Penny the chihuahua mix was brave enough to jump on Max the German shepherds bed and steal his bone, which she can barely fit in her mouth. Max was not happy about it. It's obvious who the real boss of the house is