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Kid Reunites With Dogs After 'Long' Day At School

Dog owners often complain that they can't get their dog to behave appropriately because the dog just won't listen to them. They claim that their dog is particularly unintelligent, but that is absolutely not the case. Punitive training techniques that center on gaining control of your dog by dominating them into obeying can damage the human/animal bond and cause your dog to mistrust you and essentially switch off.

For so long people have been putting the emphasis on their dog’s need to be ‘obedient’ rather than ‘cooperative.’ We issue ‘commands’ rather than focusing on teaching the dog ‘cues’ by attaching these cues to actions or behaviors that we want.

These dogs must have been waiting for their owner and worried sick to where their little friend has gone and if ever he is to return. A homecoming party is just what they have prepared to surprise their little friend. Both of them are very energetic and just can't wait for their friend to come back home.

Here we have very anxious two dogs who have been waiting on their friend, the little boy in the video. This little boy goes to preschool for 2 hours a day, but these dogs act like it's an eternity!
Everyone is so excited to see each other afterward, and you can hear Max the German Shepherd cry when he sees who walks through the door.

What a beautiful friendship! We see videos of dogs worshiping their owners and they loved ones, but to be honest we can’t get enough of their sweet, sweet, love! They will miss us no matter if they haven’t seen us for hours or several months! Every minute spent without is a century for them!

This is another unbelievable story of a dog reunited with his owner. This dog was reunited with owner after seven months! Sorry for the tears we will cause!

Brilliant retriever Sandy is initially from Mexico, where Maria received him at the San Diego outskirt. Here, the combine is brought together following a long seven months separated. Maria needed to abandon Sandy with her folks in Scotland when she moved back to the States. This video indicates Sandy energetically sniffing the house before jumping up the stairs to Maria. The two hold onto as Sandy happily licks Maria's face. This video had 25,800 perspectives on Facebook at the season of composing.

There are inconceivable cases of the dedication pooches have appeared to their human and creature companions. Consider Hawkeye, the puppy who set down alongside the coffin of his Navy SEAL proprietor in pain. Or on the other hand, Hachiko, the Akita who welcomed his proprietor at the same station each day when he returned home from work, and after the proprietor abruptly kicked the bucket, came back to the prepare station in the meantime consistently for a long time!

The biggest dread puppies know is the dread that you won't return when you go out the entryway without them. Dogs are always good and full of selfless love!

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