Dogs Meet Newborn Baby For The First Time

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsMax and Penny get to meet the newest addition to the family for the first time. Max the German Shepherd is so interested in the new baby he simply can't take his eyes off of him. You can see him already standing guard over him and wanting to protect him. Penny looks equally as excited as her big brother to meet the new family member, but was cut a bit short. Still, so beautiful to see! You can tell a lifelong friendship was born today.

When the time comes to bring a baby in their home, a lot of dog owners have a hard time deciding whether or not their canine will get along with the new member of the family. That is one of the big reasons why so many dogs end up in shelters across the country.

It is pretty safe to say that your canine companion is well aware that it is your first baby, so when a new, human baby comes to the scene, they will feel the shift in routine. Animal behaviorists recommend that you ease up on your pet pal in the months prior to bringing your child home, so that when the new member arrives, your dog will know that this creature is also part of the pack, worthy of love and respect.

Still, new parents have to understand the changes that will happen in the home that their dog will see differently. So many new sounds, sights and smells. Some of them might be upsetting for the pup. The routine will change drastically, meaning the dog’s schedule will too. It will get less of your time and attention. And to think that not so long ago, your dog was your only child.

There are a few ways you can help your dog get accustomed to the novelties that will happen in your home. In the few relatively shorts months before your baby’s arrival, be sure to focus on teaching your canine baby the skills it will need to safely interact with the new human baby. Also, be mindful of their needs and help them adjust better to the new experiences.

Still, this doesn’t mean that your furry baby won’t get jealous of your bald baby on occasions.
Usually dogs love little children. They like playing and wandering around with them. This fact might make you think it’s easy to have a baby and a dog at the same time, but this video seems to prove otherwise.

It is obvious that Sadie is jealous of little Jaxx and she does not want to share her mommy with him. Just listening to the sounds she makes while arguing makes you laugh. Poor Sadie… Imagine loosing all that affection and love over a small new living thing that has become part of your family! All that love and attention was meant for you and now he steals it. Only if Jaxx could talk with Sadie, I think she would have told him everything right into his face…