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Cat safes kid2m26s

Cat safes kid

Dog makes an attempt on attacking a little kid, but this cat saves the kid instead.

Published: March 14, 201715,202 views
Cute Kid Meets Sour Patch Kid35s

Cute Kid Meets Sour Patch Kid

This adorable little boy got to try a sour patch kid for the very first time! His reaction of when he first tastes the sour goodness of the candy is the cutest thing you've ever seen! How does he feel about this sweet and sour treat? There's only one way to find out!

Published: July 18, 201736 views
Pumpkin Chuck'n Kid32s

Pumpkin Chuck'n Kid

This kid is ready to say goodbye to summer and say hello to fall! And the best way to usher in the fall according to this kid, is by doing a little pumpkin chuck'n! This pumpkin might look small, but that doesn't mean it won't put up a fight! Who's ready for the fall?

Published: August 16, 2017Updated: August 18, 2017
Clown Frown Kid52s

Clown Frown Kid

It turns out that clowns don't always make kids laugh! This cute kid was very excited to get his face painted for a party, but when he realizes what his mom painted him to be, his clown makeup turns his smile into a frown very quickly! All he wanted was to be a shark!

Published: June 15, 2017Updated: June 16, 2017889 views
Hip Hop Kid35s

Hip Hop Kid

We all know that feeling when our favorite jam comes on the radio! Well this adorable kid is a big fan of hip hop and he just can't help but dance whenever he hears it come on the radio! You have to check out this kid's super sweet dance moves!

Published: July 6, 201741 views
Leaf Blower Kid14s

Leaf Blower Kid

This kid picked up his grandfather's leaf blower and went absolutely mad with power. The leaf blower boy seems pretty ready for supervillain school since he's got the whole maniacal laughter part down. In fact, the boy demonstrates that no one on Earth is safe from his wrath, that is until someone bigger gives him a taste of his own medicine.



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Karate Kid 17s

Karate Kid

Kung fuuu

Published: January 27, 2017Updated: January 31, 2017120 viewsVirality: 5%
Kid hates leaf pile24s

Kid hates leaf pile

You would think a child would love to play in a big leaf pile on a chilly fall day, but not this kid.

Published: December 8, 2016Updated: December 9, 2016528 views
Karate kid prepares dinner9s

Karate kid prepares dinner

This kid loves karate and can't wait to use his skills in the real world. With one swift chop, he manages to slice his potato in half. Look at how happy he is. If this is what he's like when he's happy, we definitely do not want to get on his bad side.

Published: November 13, 2015Updated: November 12, 20151,990 viewsVirality: 10%