Clever Kid Shows How To Get Yourself Unstuck From Railing

8 years ago

Every kid has a period when he gets bored. No matter how many toys they have at home, computers games or phones they will always get tired of everything. No matter how old your children are, it is an eternal problem for parents to solve: How can I keep the kids occupied? So, this kid decided to do something so he would not get bored. He got stuck with his head in the fence. Check out this funny video of Joey!

Kids and curiosity come hand in hand, sometimes so much so that it gets kids in all sorts of thick trouble. Toddlers learn stuff by touching and tasting, so if they see something hanging, they will surely pull it!

Among the things that kids learn at that tender age is space and ratio, specifically how quickly they can fit through crevices. If they see a slit or opening somewhere, you can bet your bottom dollar they will try and squeeze through. At first, it is easy, but they don’t know how big they have grown until they get their head stuck between the bars in a railing as this little guy did.

Joey was curious if he can fit between the two thin bars, but now he has a problem. His ears are in the way of getting his head out and mom is having a great time laughing at her boy’s ingenuity. Joey looks like he can’t unstick himself, so dad comes to the rescue.

Dad tries everything he can think of, but that is some high-quality steel right there. He tries pushing, pulling, stretching the bars, with no effect. Joey is getting frustrated, and dad has all but given up on his son. Maybe a crowbar or a saw?

But a kid wouldn’t be a kid if they told everything! Joey remembered how he got there in the first place. Not from the porch side, but the front side! He squeezes one shoulder out, then the other and before you know it, he is unstuck! A little genius, that one!

Kids get stuck in unusual places as they often like to explore things and places and get in trouble without even trying. We ask ourselves, how do they come up with this kind of silly ideas to put their head in the fence, in the toilet, a stool and also a flower pot.

This boy got stuck in a flower pot and we still have no idea how he got in there in first place!

The kid in this video is a prime example. Somehow, his dad finds him stuck to a flower pot. How did he get stuck? Who knows? He never does quite explain it, all we see is that he is trapped and his parents think it’s so funny so they record it. Everyone has a good laugh about it, and it’s pretty adorable to watch, cannot lie! At least he learned the lesson and promised that he won’t get in another pot!

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