Frustrated Passenger Shouts In The Face Of A Screaming Kid

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Published: June 14, 2016

A hilarious video has emerged of a man filming a video on a plane, complaining about a crying kid on the plane he is flying in. Moments later, another passenger starts imitating the cries of the kid, screaming directly in his face, much to our amusement and to the surprise of the kid! Hilarious!

The footage, shot on March 23, 2013 on a flight from Scottsdale to New York, USA, shows a man filming a video about what he expects to endure throughout the flight, given there is a screaming kid on board which happens to be his seatmate.

Moments later, as the screaming child continues to torture the rest of the passengers on board, a frustrated passenger screams in his the kid's face. Regardless whether it was out of vengeance or just to teach him a lesson, the witty passenger managed to shut the crying mouth only for several seconds. Immediately after, the judging mother and the surprised kid, continue to struggle over the screams and the cries of the misbehaving child!

The man managed to make the most of the unpleasant situation by making his fellow passengers laugh! This man is our hero!

A long flight across the world is torture enough. Can you imagine sharing the flight with a misbehaving toddler? A baby is one thing, they don’t understand their surroundings and the high altitude pressure and the noise from the plane’s engines might disturb a baby. But if a child is continuously crying and screaming throughout the flight, it is absolutely intolerable!

One of the disgruntled passengers recorded this child’s antics, as the boy screamed his lungs out, must to passenger’s disgust. Have you ever witnessed such an unpleasant flight? Share your thoughts and stories below!

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