Dad Demonstrates The Fastest Way To Put A Tired Kid To Sleep

7 years ago

Sleeping is the most boring this for a kid to do and why wouldn't it be. There are so many interesting things to do, why would anyone want to sleep?

Every kid, no matter the circumstances, would rather fight the fatigue that is growing heavy on their eyelids than just drop their head on the pillow. Watching them fight the tiredness is one of the most adorable and insanely hilarious things to watch and the loads of videos on the Internet prove it.

This adorable little kid must have had quite the exhaustive day! He's trying his best to stay awake and keep his dad company on the long drive home, but something tells us that he might not make it the whole way! The way this kid is able to instantly fall asleep is the most impressive thing we've seen all week!

All he needed to hear was the “okay" from dad to go to sleep and his head falls instantaneously! Man, that is some skill! We wish we could fall asleep on cue like that. But we are too tired from the long days at the desk, plus all those heavy chores that expect us when we come home, that sleeping can be the last thing on our minds.

Can't we just be kids again, please?

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