Naomi Wolf On Pfizer: "They Hid. They Concealed. They Redacted." And The FDA Knew!

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"OMG the @WarRoom/DailyClout Research Volunteers and Lawyers who are reviewing the Pfizer documents are finding UNBELIEVABLE crimes and corruption. Pfizer hired an additional 2400 FULLTIME EMPLOYEES to process the PAPERWORK for the 'large number' of 'spontaneous adverse events' from just 3 months, and HID THE EVIDENCE BY REDACTING THE DOCUMENT. FDA KNEW IT ALL. BUT SAID VACCINE WAS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. Fraud, possible mass manslaughter, and coverup."

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Dr. Naomi Wolf on Pfizer: “They hid. They concealed. They redacted.”
By Bannon's War Room On Rumble
April 5, 2022

Dr. Naomi Wolf discusses the war on children and on Western values. Forcing children to wear masks is abusive because new studies show that this prevents them from developing normal facial recognition and the practice has a now-measurable effect on their IQ levels.

With all the new information surfacing from the WarRoom/DailyClout volunteers regarding the formerly secret Pfizer documents, and with attorney Stevan Looney’s new essay on the redacted documents in the secret Pfizer tranche now published on, it is becoming clear that informed consent before receiving the vaccine was never even possible.

Bombshell: in order to process just the paperwork from the “large number of adverse events” — Pfizer’s own words — Pfizer had to hire 2,400 new, full-time employees and the company proudly informed the FDA of these thousands of new hires to grapple with the flood of adverse events they saw as early as February 28, 2021. Yet they did not disclose these adverse events to the public and neither did the FDA.


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