3-5-22 Naomi Wolf On COVID Tipping Points & Pfizer Document Dump: "This Is A Mass Murder Event!"

2 years ago

Dr. Naomi Wolf appears on Steve Bannon's War Room. She discusses tipping points in dismantling the COVID narrative, including the extraordinary impact that truckers and individual lawsuits have had in forcing the removal of mandates. She also discusses the recent Pfizer document dump, which she believes provides more evidence that a mass murder event has taken place and there are grounds for criminal prosecution of those responsible.

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38-Page Pfizer Appendix: Pfizer Adverse Event Reports Received Through 28-Feb-2021 (pdf)

Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation


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Pfizer COVID Vaccine Has 1,291 Side Effects Reveals Released Documents
Great Game India
March 5, 2022


When Pfizer applied for FDA approval, they were aware of almost 158,000 adverse events. This really does not paint them in a favorable light. And now, it's been officially reported that Pfizer's COVID vaccine has 1,291 side effects according to released documents.

In January, a judge ordered the FDA to provide clinical data on the COVID vaccinations, which resulted in the disclosure of 55,000 pages of documentation.

The FDA had planned to keep the data hidden for 75 years until releasing it in 2096 because, well, the FDA is essentially a criminal conspiracy. The COVID vaccinations never should have been licensed in the first place.

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