Naomi Wolf Discovers More "Crimes Against Humanity" In Pfizer Study

1 year ago

Naomi Wolf @drnaomirwolf via GETTR writes:

"Please listen, chamber of horrors, Pfizer crimes against humanity."


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"I just sent our team at DailyClout to post a Pfizer internal document showing lipid nanoparticles injected into mice and rats for MRNA vaccine trials. The document confirms that the lipid nanoparticles (tiny hard fatty-material casings that the biotech industry is excited about) LEAVE the muscle, ENTER the bloodstream and GO INTO THE LIVER in a matter of hours. Lipid nanoparticles are also excreted the document confirms via urine and feces, which is probably why I was deplatformed from Twitter when I asked what effect lipid nanoparticle secretions would have on wastewater, waterways and agriculture. The CDC and FDA and AMA assurances that vaccine material stays in bicep were always A DEADLY LIE and they all knew it."


KentAllard @KentAllard on GETTR writes:

"What is worrying is that the nanoparticles survive in the body for a long time and it is not understood if they survive in the environment once excreted, or what happens when these toxic particles get into the water supplies and food chain. Bearing in mind billions of people all over the world have been vaccinated multiple times and will have been passing this stuff into the environment daily, because of the size of these particles it seems unlikely that they would be filtered out or neutralized by systems used by the water utility companies etc."


Toxicological Insights Of Spike Fragments SARS-CoV-2 By Exposure Environment: A Threat To Aquatic Health?


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