Why are people dying? What is the mainstream not telling you?

1 year ago

Hear firsthand from Gail Seiler, our guest in this interview, on how fortunate she is to have survived the bad behavior of the hospital and hospital policies, only because she fought to be released and go home before it was too late. Learn from her experience.

COVID hospitalizations and deaths are far higher than they should be but it is not because people are dying of COVID. It is bad hospital policy that is killing COVID patients who are unfortunate enough to be hospitalized.

Two facts you need to know but, your government or the mainstream media will not tell you:

1. COVID patients are being hospitalized because they are not receiving preventative or early treatment. (www.DefenseBoxes.com and www.DoctorsDontFearCOVID.com)

2. Hospitalized COVID patients who die, do so because of hospital protocol policy; not because they have COVID.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? What can you do? Tell your story at www.ProtocolKills.com, as well as, filing a complaint.

Need more information on filing a complaint?

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