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Graphene Oxide - The Assimilation - 4th Industrial Revolution

This video is a compilation from various different sources, including my own content in order to critique the mainstream narrative and gesture my own stance. Most clips indicate their source and origin. This is used in accordance with the Fair Use Act for educational and commentary purposes and for the edification of the saints of Christ Jesus, Yeshua HaMoshiach.

The tribulation is soon to begin. Please feel free to save these files as PDFs:

Printable version of my left behind letter:

Corona (Crown) Virus

It appears that using a blacklight or medical imaging devices, the Luciferase in the cells can be seen for those who have received the Mark of the Beast Vaccine or Quantum Dot Tattoo or Vaccine Pill, etc:


I believe the Graphene Oxide is in the vaccine, the quantum dot tattoo, the hydrogel, the Vax pill, the micro needle patch, and more! Resist these things peacefully at all costs as I believe they lead to eternal damnation as the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13-14)! It appears that the vaccine contains graphene oxide nanotubes and or iron oxide Nanoparticles that can change your DNA, connect you to the A.I. Cloud, and mark your cells with Luciferase Bioluminescence:


Here is a list of video compilations I created regarding the subject of Graphene Oxide (Black Goo) nanotechnology in relation to the Mark of the Beast, Vaccine and Biomedical Nanotechnology, Cellular Bioluminescence, demonic possession, linking into the A.I. Hivemind, and more:

Eminem Venom Lyrics Decoded

Prometheus/Alien Black Goo

A Physical-Biological-Digital Fusion

UV Light and Luciferase

I Am Legend - Black Goo Luciferase

Bloodshot (2020) - Black Goo Nanotech

Black Goo in Three Major Movies

The Tangle - Black Graphene Microdones

The Breach (2020) - Black Goo Alien Infection

Maze Runner - Black Goo Zombies

White Sky (2021) - Black Goo Zombies

No Time To Die (2021) - Black Goo

Helix (2014) - Black Goo Zombie Virus

X-Files Black Goo Carbon

Hexclad Hybrid Tech

Inmate Zero (2020)

Cardi B - 5G Queen Bee

In this article, I link the Daniel Ch. 2 prophecy of the mixing of the seed of the fallen Angels with mankind and the "iron and clay" in these last days to the Mark of the Beast Vaccine Black Goo Nanotechnology and a new Nephilim race, a Genesis 6 repeat, which includes a 5G A.I. Hivemind under the guise of the 4th Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum:


Black Goo Zombie Dream

This Plandemic and New World Order Takeover is also a ploy to thrust mankind into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, merging man with machine through vaccine nanotechnology and cybernetic implants, Neuralink brain chips, Metaverse VR Headset, augmented reality, smart cities, the IOT (internet of things), and a 5G Artificial Intelligence Hivemind. The merging of man with the digital and spiritual world, man with the fallen ones - a symbiotic relationship with the fallen angels and demons through technology.

A Brave New World Order

Here is a compilation of various media clips regarding Microwave weapons, DEWs, 5G, military technology, nanotechnology, and more. Please make your own assertions and conclusions and questions regarding this info. To me the 5G deployment is a cause for concern and the 5G could be multipurpose to connect everything wirelessly in the Internet of Things, create a Surveillance Smart Society, create the Borg Hivemind, and it could be tuned to weaponized zombie frequencies or interact with Nanotechnology for bodily harm?


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