Whale Smashes Diver’s Camera With Its Fin

Published October 22, 2013 29 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWhen one man went free diving off the eastern coast of Africa, he never would have imagine to come face to face with the ocean’s gentle giants, let alone that the animal will knock his camera almost to the bottom of the ocean!

When Chris Coates went free diving in Africa, he took his underwater camera with him, hoping to snatch images of some of the glorious marine life. His wish came true when he came across a mother Humpback Whale swimming nearby with her young.

Of course the diver felt humbled by their presence. He dwarfs in comparison to the whale, as she swam and sang her song. But when Chris noticed her moving direction and going straight for him, he freaked out and started screaming in the scuba equipment, while trying to clear the path of the giant animal.

He could have come way too close for impact, but luckily he moved just enough. His camera, however, didn’t get as lucky. As the mother and infant passed by the human, the tip of her right pectoral fin made contact with Chris’s camera, knocking it off, but he was able to catch it.

Phew, that was close! No one would have believed him this happened if he lost that camera!

These gentle giants of the ocean might be seclusive, but when they sense humans nearby, they sure like to throw a party. There are a multitude of videos online where whales show off their amazing dance skills by breaching and backflipping for the camera.