Humpback Whale Seen Jumping Clear Out Of The Water

Storyful Published July 21, 2017 192,620 Plays

Rumble Check out these whales as they are obviously having a whale of a time (pun intended).

Scuba diver Craig Capehart and three of his scuba diving fellows were hunting for sardines along the coast of Pondoland, South Africa, on July 8 when they saw a large humpback whale breaching several times before it jumped entirely out of the water. The whale, estimated at around 40 tons, can be seen breaching clear out of the waters south of Mbotyi in Southeastern Africa.

Craig shared this video on his YouTube, and it has been climbing the viral ladder ever since. The footage contains dozens of instances when a school of whales was breaching the ocean. There are even some happy moments, like a mother and her calf swimming by Craig’s inflatable motorboat, or one adult whale swimming on his back and slapping his fins of the surface.

The breaching out of the water entirely is frequent among dolphins and even great white sharks, but this was the first time that Craig has seen a humpback whale do it; he described what he saw as “an infrequent event indeed.”

Scientists are still uncertain as to the reason behind whales breaching. It could be a mating call if a female is close by, or as a means to intimidate others from invading his territory. What a fantastic video of a humpback whale breaching! These amazing mammals have been spotted exposing or breaching their bodies in their winter breeding ground, their summer feeding grounds, and when they travel between both properties.

Why do whales breach out of the water? By jumping into the air or hitting the water with their fins, whales make significant noise that helps them interact across vast horizons when background sounds from the weather, boats in the area, or other sources might prevent out their vocal sounds.

Whales are very active animals, and they like to jump, breach out of the water and land back in the water, just like in the video. They also love slapping the water’s surface with their tails, which is considered as a warning that there is danger nearby. They are fascinating animals! If you ever had the chance to observe whale’s behavior, you will see that they can be very social and friendly animals. A lot of people consider whales as dangerous and threat to people, but it’s another way around. Humans are the only natural enemies that whales have!

Credit: Craig Capehart via Storyful