Humpback Whale Back Flip Caught On Camera

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Published: January 9, 2017

The ocean is a big place. So big that it houses millions of unique creatures that are fascinating! One such amazing creature that lives in the ocean are the humpback whales! In this video, watch this interesting animal in action!

A whale watcher recorded a magnificent scene as a massive humpback whale breaches the surface in the Bay of Fundy. While on a whale watching cruise, in a thick fog no less, the watchers had an amazing opportunity to witness a humpback whale breach with his full body out of the water near Brier Island, Nova Scotia.

The exact reasons behind whales breaching is unknown, however a few theories exist. One such theory is that the whale that is breaching might be signalling another whale that it is changing course, or as a mating ritual for a female. Whatever the reason, these little events at sea make for a spectacular view.

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