✨ FULL BODY ✨ follow along workout

Published March 5, 2021 64 Views

Rumble Join me today for a follow along FULL BODY workout. This workout can be done at home or the gym. You will need some dumbbells or any household item will do the trick. We'll start off with demos of the exercises and a warm up. Let's get sweaty 💦


3 ROUNDS ✖ 40s on, 20s off

1. deadlift curl
2. lateral lunge to lateral raise (20s L, 20s R)
3. chest press to chest fly
4. squat to overhead press
5. reverse lunge curl (20s L, 20s R)
6. seated cross body crunch

Leave a comment with how you liked this workout and any requests for future workouts! 💪🏼🤍


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