Great Dane Puppy Saves Man From The Doghouse On Valentine's Day

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWould you be willing to do something great to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day and give him the best gift in the world? What this man did is really amazing! When the marriage is strong and lasting, it is necessary to give good gifts on Valentine's Day, so sometimes a simple greeting card is not enough, it is necessary to give something else since it should surprise that person who is special for you. In this case, a man named Dave knows that he should give his wife named Kristy the best gift in the world with whom he is 28 years together. For Dave to give Kristy the best gift in the world, he needs the help of his faithful pet. It is a Great Dane dog named Raven, who knows exactly what to do to make his owners happy. Raven runs through the snowy terrain to write "Happy Valentine's Day" because this is the gift Dave wants to give his wife Kristy. This is really the best Valentine's gift!

It is true that the celebration of Valentine's Day every February 14 goes back to the United Kingdom and that the rest of the countries of the world have been incorporating it into their traditions. For this reason, there are people who decide not to celebrate Valentine's Day because it is not a party of their own, but why not? We give you reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day. Although in shops they invite us to celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts and trips, the truth is that it is not mandatory: we just have to show affection to the people we love, and what better excuse to do so than on the day of love.

Valentine is just a perfect excuse to celebrate that we are in love. It is not necessary to make great gifts, just enjoy a romantic day with our partner. It has always been said that love beautifies, but it is true: when we are in love, that love makes us feel more beautiful inside and out, and others perceive it. If we feel in love, why not express it?

On Valentine we celebrate that we are in love and, in this way, we renew the illusion in the couple, preventing the flame of love from going out. This day is just the opportunity to start doing it every day. On Valentine's Day, we celebrate the fate we have for being with our partner, the person with whom we have chosen to share our whole lives, and because they have also chosen us. Is there anything better than being with the person you love? In addition, the celebration will be double if we can enjoy Valentine's Day with our children, the fruit of our love.

Being emotionally happy and in love has benefits for our minds and our bodies. Exchanging romantic gestures in a more special way to celebrate Valentine's Day is a great way to be healthy.

In short, Valentine gives us the opportunity to celebrate our love. No matter where the party comes from or if it is commercial or not, the only important thing is to enjoy the love of our family and how lucky we are for so many things. Take advantage of Valentine's Day to implement a clear plan: celebrate Valentine's Day whenever you can. It is true that it is only an excuse, but we often need a reason to do something. Use Valentine's Day to start enjoying your partner's love every day.

Dave is a lucky man with an awesome wife and he knows better than to let Valentine's Day pass without getting Kristy a present or a card. But when he drops the ball and lets time get away on him, he turns to Raven, a seven month old Great Dane puppy for help. Raven knows exactly what to do. There is no need to run to the store for an ordinary card. Kristy is no ordinary woman and a little card just doesn't do her justice anyway.

A field full of freshly fallen snow is all this pup needs for her canvas. She runs around with lightning speed, blazing a trail through the white powder that spells out "Happy Valentine's Day". This message to Kristy is more than 200 feet high and it's possibly the world's biggest Valentine's Day card. Raven even does it all in cursive writing, that forgotten art. Dave is very grateful for her help in keeping him out of the doghouse this year, but he playfully chastises her for showing off.

Hopefully Kristy will understand why Dave just can't buy her a tiny card. The two have been married for almost 28 years. They've had a life together that is full of adventure and fun, love and laughter and they have three wonderful children. Kristy has encouraged them all to share in her passion for scuba diving and travel, and the family has been all over Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Caymand Islands, and the Galapagos. They've met ocean creatures of all kinds and the most amazing people all around the globe.

Every year with Kristy is filled with new experiences and exciting surprises. It's only fitting that Dave's wish for her is a big one. And Raven is sure to get a little something special for her help this year too!

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