Great Dane puppy makes it impossible to build a snowman

Published January 30, 2020 9,918 Views $37.58 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRaven is a five month old Great Dane puppy who is already the size of a small horse and equally strong. She's a wonderful dog with a fun loving personality and a strong desire to be included in everything her family does. So when Raven's humans built a snowman, she tried to be included. As with all dogs, Raven loves to run around with and chew on sticks. Her idea of helping was to run over to the snowman, grab his arm and run away with it. Anyone who has ever tried to catch a puppy will tell you that there is no way to get that stick back if the puppy is not ready to give it up.

After a continual supply of sticks was used to make arms for the snowman, Raven wore herself out and left the poor snowman as he should be. But when the carrot for the nose came out, Raven realized that was even better for chewing and off she went with it.

Raven's "sister", River watched all of this with interest. She had tried to get the carrot only moments before, but it was out of her reach. Raven is taller and she leapt up with ease, grabbing the nose and running away. River was given a carrot of her own.

Raven is growing rapidly and she will soon be double her current size, reaching at least 65kg (140lbs). Great Danes can be serious handfuls but they are among the most loyal and magnificent dogs in the world. Almost anyone who has ever owned one has completely fallen in love with the breed.

Although there are many wonderful breeders, Danes can also be found through one of many Great Dane rescue sites. River is a mixed breed rescue who had severe and complex health problems. She was brought to her veterinarian for euthanasia when it was decided that her care would be too costly and complicated for her family to manage. A loving family, the decision was devastating for all of them. But River found her forever home through the veterinary assistant who saw how beautiful a soul she was. Able to provide her with the level of care needed, she brought River home. River and Raven are inseparable.