Adorable Great Dane puppy surrenders to sleepiness

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Raven is a ten week old Great Dane puppy who is high energy, just like most puppies. She runs around clumsily and plays with the enthusiasm that only a new puppy can have. She rolls and falls, chases her tail, and happily explores the world around her. But when she finally takes a break for a few moments, sleepiness takes over fast and she flops wherever she stops.
Raven's new family are completely in love with her and they watch her every move, "oohing and ahh-ing" at every new thing that she does. They have put her up on her couch in the living room and covered her up with her pink, fuzzy blanket. Within seconds, Raven's eyes have gotten heavy and her eyelids start to close.

For the owners of a new puppy, every single moment is a moment worth capturing on video. It's just like having a new baby and even the act of falling asleep warms her family's hearts. Raven adorably surrenders to the sleepiness that she has been fighting. Her eyes slowly roll back and tiny puppy snores announce that she is off to dreamland.

Raven is a very well loved dog. She has found her forever home in a quiet neighborhood in Millbrook, Ontario. The kids in the family are grown now, but they love and adore the new addition to the family and they fight over whose turn it is to snuggle with her. Raven also has a playmate, a two year old Australian Shepherd named River. River is a rescue, having been saved from euthanasia when she was literally seconds from her last breath. Her treatment was going to be complicated and impossible for the loving family who had raised her to manage. River was adopted by a veterinary assistant who is the daughter of a veterinarian. This family will be able to manage River's condition and give her the best chance at a long and happy life.

River and Raven are inseparable and they play for hours at a time. River, a very smart dog, seems to have noticed the size of Raven's massive paws and she might just have an inkling already of how big Raven is going to get.

In these quiet moments, Raven is the most adorable sleeping baby imaginable.

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