Howling Dog Throws Temper Tantrum For Funniest Reason Ever

Published February 6, 2020 26,764 Views $18.71 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen a dog's tantrums for not being able to walk? This adorable dog hurt his leg and can't get out and that's why he makes a great tantrum with howls! Most dogs like to go for a walk, but sometimes health is the most important and that is why it is necessary to prevent dogs from leaving, although they generally do not understand what happens and only tantrums to show their disagreement. This adorable dog is called Harley and he is howling because he could not take a ride with the truck, as he has an injured leg and the vet said he should be resting for a few days. Fortunately, Harley has no fractures, he just needs to rest a little to be able to remain a normal dog. Harley keep calm!

The first and most important reason to take a dog for a walk is to allow him to make his needs until he is satisfied. Apart from puppies that are not yet able to go outside or who are learning to urinate, it is very negative to allow our dog to urinate and defecate at home. In addition to causing a bad smell, we will be creating an environment of important unhealthiness that can lead to serious health problems in dogs and humans.

Socialization is the process through which our dog learns to interact with other dogs, people and with different environments and objects. Although a dog begins its socialization when it is a puppy, in its adult stage it will still be important that it is correctly related to everything we have mentioned above to avoid fears, aggressiveness or inappropriate behaviors.

Although many people believe that sniffing urine is something dirty or unpleasant, if our dog has correctly followed his vaccination schedule we should not worry about anything. It is a natural behavior that helps them orient themselves, to meet other dogs that live in their area and that also provides them with relaxation. Let your dog sniff!

Apart from elderly dogs, dogs with joint problems and developing puppies, it is very important that our dog exercises the appropriate time according to his needs. That will help you sleep better, relieve anxiety and ultimately be a happy dog. There are many types of exercises for adult dogs whether they include you or only him.

Dogs mark their territory to communicate with other dogs without being present. The smell of urine is unique and specific in each dog and transmits much more than we think. A female can tell other males that she is in heat and any dog may be telling others that this is her space and that they should not invade it.

Dogs are curious and adventurous animals. Going out into the street provides a host of different stimuli that make them feel entertained by following trails or discovering new things. A simple plant can be a subject of study, proven! Any different situation you can offer them will improve and much the quality of the walk for your dog.

Harley is howling because he didn't get to go for a ride with the truck. He injured his paw last week, X-ray shows no breaks or fractures but vet says he needs to take it easy, not jumping!