Dog Throws Temper Tantrum When Asked To Perform Trick

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Lincoln does not want to do any tricks and ends up arguing with his owner. The canine refuses to do the trick but that treat looks so delicious that it seems to make him change his mind. After so much insisting, finally the dog does the trick and it’s awesome!

If you are new in the research on dog training, you may have many doubts, including “How to teach my dog tricks,” “Is the type of training I have chosen appropriate?”, “How long will it take for me?

Although many people do not believe it, canine training has many benefits!
Your dog will perform both physical and mental exercise.

This type of training is based on rewards! This way your pet will be motivated to do the things you ask. The idea is that your dog learns that when he does something right, you reward him somehow!

What kind of "prizes" are used? They can be cookies, caresses, congratulations ... Remember! Punishing your dog is not a way to teach him! You would only cause this to fear you.

Each dog prefers a different reward. It is possible that your pet is very cuddly and what you are looking for is petting. Or, just like a glutton and prefers a small cookie. Try to choose what catches your pet's attention, in that way training will give better results!

Just as it is very important to reward your dog, it is also important to choose the right time! It is one of the keys to training!

Do not forget that the function of the prizes is that our pet realizes the action to be repeated.

Surely at some point, you have heard about clicker training. But ... What is a clicker? Clickers are devices that make a click device (click-click) by letting your pet know that it is doing well. It's another way to reward your behavior!

The sound of the clicker is very different from that of the human voice! And that is what makes it so interesting. It will help your dog during training!

Once you have achieved this, it is time to associate the sound with training orders. It is best that you click the clicker while giving an order. Do not despair! You must do it several times so that your pet understands.

Starting to train your dog for obedience is the best option! What are the obedience exercises? These are orders such as: “lie down,” “sit down”, “come”, “still”… They are also very useful for your pet's safety!

If you want to teach these orders to your dog, you will not need a trainer. You just need a little extra patience.

Lincoln really doesn't want to do a trick, but that treat looks so delicious. He ends up arguing with his owner. Those are some solid arguments Lincoln!


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