Puppy Literally Barks In His Sleep, Totally Confuses Big Dog

Published February 27, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever wondered why some dogs bark or cry in their sleep? Probably yes, as it is proven that dogs can have nightmares. Dogs' brains are similar to people's brains in many ways, so dogs can dream while sleeping and may even have nightmares. In this case, a crazy puppy named Chapo appears to be having a nightmare or an adrenaline-filled dream while literally barking while sleeping. Chapo with his barks totally confuses the big dog, since he is totally perplexed, he does not know why the crazy puppy is barking while sleeping. Chapo is having a very exciting dream!

Dogs can cry while sleeping, as well as simulate running or eating. This almost always happens in the REM phase of sleep, that is when our subconscious begins to function. The same occurs in humans when we have already passed the 90th minute of sleep, but in dogs, it seems to have been proven that it happens long before the 90th minute.

In this phase of sleep, there is rapid movement of the eyes, an acceleration of the heart, an increase in body pressure and a lack of control of temperature. However, the rest of the body is paralyzed, because when we are asleep, the body has no ability to release an amino acid called glycine. This amino acid is responsible for the neurotransmitter function with the brain, when it is not released, this "paralysis" occurs.

It is difficult to know what dogs dream because it is impossible for any dog to tell us. However, if we meditate on a dog's daily activities, chances are that his dreams are related to them. For example, a domestic dog who lives in a small apartment and goes out three times a day just for a walk around the block could dream of two things: what distresses him and what he wants. What distresses him would be to feel shut up in a small place.

This type of sleep could be the cause of your dog crying while sleeping. Or what you want: spend more time on the street running and playing with other dogs. You could cry with happiness for appearing to be living what you want or you could cry with sadness for knowing that it is not real. On the other hand, a hunting dog might dream that he cannot catch prey or that his master gets mad at him for it.

If this is not the first time that you see your dog cry or bark while sleeping, don't worry. This, as you have already seen, is nothing serious. It is a movement of our subconscious, in this case, that of your dog. Therefore, you should leave your pet alone and calm until he wakes up on his own. If you were to wake him up thinking that when he goes back to sleep he will rest better, it would be a mistake.

Crying or barking while sleeping is normal and I would almost dare say natural, that dogs do while resting. Don't worry too much and just let it rest. Your pet will thank you.

Chapo the puppy must be having a good dream! Too funny!


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