Muddy Dog Stuck In Crate Delivers Hysterical 'Broken' Face

Published February 4, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & Puppies — Do you think dogs are really funny pets? You should see the hysterical face of this adorable dog as soon as possible! Some dogs are very dramatic, which means that they do whatever it takes to get the attention of their owners and be the center of attention, but this particular dog seems to really like to do drama. This dog ran away from home and that is why its owners had to go find him outside and take him home, but the dog was wet and full of mud, so they had to lock him in a cage so that the dog did not dirty everything home. You can see that the muddy dog is not happy to remain locked in its cage, so it makes hysterical faces to get the attention of its owners. This dog's face is priceless!

Although at first sight, it may seem a barbarity to have a dog cage, the truth is that if we get used to our dog from puppy to him it will be home. As long as we know how to use it correctly. Dog cages are not a means of retention or an area of punishment, but a home. Surprised? When you finish reading you will understand that it is that real. Dogs are den animals, that is, they love to find a shelter similar to a cave where to hide. This instinct comes from their ancestors, the wolves. And this does not even mean that we should leave our dog all day in a cage, in reality, the ideal thing is to leave it open and let it be the one who enters whenever it wants.

Obviously, the idea is to start using the cage since they are puppies, so they get used to it without fear. Although adult dogs can also learn to use it, with a little more patience. The first thing to do is to condition the cage, put it in a fixed place and put in it a blanket or dog bed so that the floor is comfortable and our dog can lie comfortably. In order for our dog to enter it, we will simply place some food inside, something that you like very much like a little sausage or some dog toy. Once in and out, we will congratulate you very much.

We must never force the dog to enter the cage and much less enclose it, he must be free to enter and leave whenever he wants. We will repeat this action for several days until we finally finish by always putting your food inside the cage. The dog will connect the cage with the place where he eats and having a bed, a place where he can lie down quietly. When you are completely familiar with the cage we can begin to close it for short periods of time. We will begin by closing it for five minutes, if the dog cries or complains, we will simply scold him with a resounding “no” and a gentle blow in the cage. Then we will open it and not repeat the exercise until the next day.

This dog's owner brought him in from outside. Since he was muddy and wet he had to stay in his crate for a little bit. His reaction is priceless!


  • mfkhan, 8 weeks ago

    very funny

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    he don't like stuck inside

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