Confused Pup Hilariously Freezes After Getting Cheesed For The First Time

Published February 7, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think all dogs can follow the instructions regardless of the circumstances? Watch how this dog freezes when its owners cheat it! The truth is that most dogs are quite astute, since they understand everything easily and can follow the instructions of their owners without any problem, but sometimes the attitude of the dog’s changes when it comes to food. This beautiful dog was deceived by its owners since they placed a piece of cheese on the head of this dog to cover their eyes and make them think that it is a handkerchief. The dog never knows that what he has in his head is cheese, so he remains completely frozen without knowing what to do until his owners show him that what he has in his head is cheese and eats it. This beautiful dog has already been tricked!

Training a dog means more than learning a couple of tricks that make us laugh, education stimulates the dog's mind and facilitates coexistence as well as his attitude in public. It is important to be patient and start working on this project as soon as possible because it encourages your union and improves the quality of life of both. However, it is possible that the question of "where to start" may arise, is that dog training encompasses a whole huge world for those who have just decided to adopt a dog for the first time, especially.

In each of the basic orders for dogs, positive reinforcement is always the key to getting them internalized and enjoyed while playing with us. You should never bring punishments that cause physical or psychological damage to the dog. In this way, you will go to a blunt "No" when you want to show him that he must correct his behavior and an effusive "Very good" or "Good boy" every time he deserves it. Likewise, we must remember that it is not recommended to abuse training sessions since you would only be able to develop stress in your dog.

You must have the patience to teach your dog basic orders because you will not do it in two days. This basic training will make the walks more comfortable and visitors do not have to be "suffering" the extra affection of your dog. If you have any questions or want to add some special techniques that you know for any of the points, see you in the comments.

Several studies have highlighted the importance of staying calm and friendly when we turn to our dogs, to get them to obey our orders. When they are spoken in an irritated or angry tone, they feel insecure, which is why they do not follow our instructions. Several studies have examined the capabilities of our Canis lupus familiaris to understand and follow the verbal instructions they receive from human beings. However, there have been very few studies that have analyzed the effects of affective behavior; verbal and facial expressions. It seems that this dog's weakness is cheese!

This puppy knows the nose treat trick very well but doesn't quite get it when cheese is used instead. Hysterical!


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