Dog Washes Muddy Feet Before Coming Inside

Published February 8, 2019 4,355 Plays $9.97 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDog's are man best friend, and they will always do their best to stay that loyal and good friend for their owners. They will love them, they will protect them, have fun together, but also they will learn a lot from them.

Have you ever thought what habits your dog is picking up from you? How smart they are and what are they thinking? Dogs are brilliant animals, and we teach them what right and wrong you would be surprised how much they can learn and how much they will appreciate your lessons. They are amazing creatures, and you will see how much they are smart in this fantastic video.

This intelligent doggy cleans her own paws before she gets home and it’s absolutely amazing! Sterling the Weimaraner now knows how to wash her muddy paws off before her owner lets her back in the house. Her buddy Piper the Dachshund squeals with excitement at the very end!

She tries to get in the home, probably tired after a long walk, but her feet are all muddy. When her owner tells her to go and wash her feet, she goes into a small pool filled with water, cleans her feet, and when she goes into the house, she wipes them off from a towel. Who’s a good girl? Dogs never fail to impress us!

Dogs have shown their intelligence in many areas, and they have been helping people for centuries. Dogs are friendly, faithful house pets. They are smart, so they can give guidance to individuals, for example, working with cops at airplane terminals hunting containers for bombs and illicit drugs.

Additionally, puppies can help firefighters by sniffing out people caught under rubble or those taken cover behind flares of a flame. Dogs are also great gatekeepers ensuring families and their most significant belongings. Many incapacitated individuals live with prepared pooches. These creatures are adaptable, keen and steadfast. By a wide margin, dogs are more accepted pets than some other pet.

We can tell you a lot of fantastic examples of how smart dogs are. They know everything, and they understand everything we say! Too bad they can’t talk. First of all, how cool it would be if our dogs can talk? Dogs are smart, and they are very gifted, and we are here to share those moments with you and appreciate dogs the way they deserve to understand because they are just the best! Dogs rule!