Parrot And Doggy Literally Can't Stop Kissing Each Other

Published January 21, 2020 22,754 Views $77.48 earned

The cutest video that you may have encountered – a parrot and a dog kissing each other! Witnessing a kiss is one majestic and enchanting moment. It triggers the flashback of memories: perhaps the most exciting first kiss you had; a memorable bride and groom kiss of a wedding that you have encountered; or maybe some other notable occasion that the very reason why it is notable is because of a kiss. Surely though, you have seen so far a kiss between two creatures belonging to the same species. This is what makes this video one of its kind.
This video puts an end to the question: “Do animals kiss each other?” But, will it put to rest the question of whether or not animals kiss with the same reason why humans do it? In a magazine, there was a discussion about kissing and it was suggested that in the animal kingdom, humans are said to be the only species that kiss, as a display of their feelings to one another. Of course, this stirred up a discussion because, as shown in this video and in many other photos of animals kissing which are featured online, it is clear that animals do kiss. One argument presented is that even if animals do kiss, it is not clear whether they do it to express their feelings to the other or if these animals feel the same kind of emotions as human beings have.
You be the judge – watch the video again and give particular attention to spotting signs of love or immense attractions between this parrot and this dog. Can you conclude that they are in love with each other that is why they kiss? Or, can you identify if there is an emotion that is the underlying motivation for this behavior?
Putting this debate aside and focusing back on the video, who would ever expect that Bickies, the rainbow lorikeet and Bailey, the Australian Shepherd, manifest this behavior called kissing? What a wonderful sight – they just can’t stop kissing each other. Whatever the reason why they do it, does it matter at all? Just enjoy the sight and have your day be brightened and inspired. Consider it as a reminder of love. Show your love and affection. Express what you feel; live life to the fullest.
Thus, instead of focusing your time analyzing why these two species kiss, just keep it simple and magnify the positive energy sparked by the sight of them kissing each other. Cultivate that positivity and make your day great.

Bickies the beautiful rainbow lorikeet and Bailey the Australian Shepherd show each other some love in this adorable clip. Cuteness overload!