Dog And Duck Best Friends Share Truly Incredible Bond

Published January 21, 2020

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe video of today is such beautiful footage combining amazing views of the countryside and the unconditional love that some animals can share.

The video starts pointing at the sun, we can see a few hills and the silhouette of the trees seen through the sun. A few ducks are walking by quite close to the cameraman. The ducks can be heard as soon as the footage starts, and it allows the spectator to feel more immersed in the scenery. Also, the sun is quite close to the ground which means that this video was recorded either early in the morning, or during the evening and the sunset. Some of the hills are covered in snow and some have patches where the snow melted or got removed. The cameraman then spins towards the right and we can see more ducks walking around and also, a big white dog entering the closure of the ducks.

The dog is a Great Pyrenees, a breed that is used to this kind of climate. His name is Floyd and he seems to be quite happy to have a lot of space to be set loose. As soon as he gets into the frame he is greeted by one of the ducks that were nearby. But as the video keeps going, it feels like the two must be friends because they start playing with each other in a very innocent way.

The dog starts to stretch as the duck gets next to him to give him some sort of a hug. The duck is also trying to bite the head of the dog, but it clearly in a playful way as he doesn’t go really fast or out of spite. The dog plays with the duck as well while finishing to stretch. He had his tail wiggling around the whole time, meaning that he was happy to be with his friend. The duck then goes back with his crowd and the dog is left alone to play in the snow. Floyd the dog proceeds to roll around in the snow like a little puppy, and he doesn’t seem to be cold. His friend the duck is not as far as he is visible in the frame. The footage ends with the dog still laying in the snow by the group of ducks. Also, the dog seems to be looking at the cameraman and supposedly, his owner.

This scene wouldn't have been that unusual if his friend wasn't a duck!

Floyd the Great Pyrenees enjoys a beautiful winter day with his best buddy. This wouldn't be unusual if his friend wasn't a duck!



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    good one

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    love this!!

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    Ducks and dogs. Dogs and ducks. The two just seem to go together.

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