Crazy Cockatoo Screams And Dances For Drive-Thru Employees

Published January 19, 2020

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe footage presented to you today comes from a cockatoo owner that was getting fast food. The scene was recorded in the drive-through of a famous chain of restaurants. This lady was waiting for the employees to give her her food, and the cockatoo named Pickles was standing on the window of the car, dancing and singing to his favorite song. He seems to be having a good time and he is sharing his happiness with everyone. The owner of the bird then starts speaking to him and she asked things like “Do you like this song? Is it your favorite song?”, Pickles even answers her but it is not easy to understand what he means.

The video has been subtitled and it was made in a comical way. The person who edited this clip wrote subtitles when the bird was singing or screaming, and they make sense with the questions that the owner has asked him. Also, one of the first subtitles that the bird is supposedly singing is “It’s 2020”, meaning that our friend Pickles was “celebrating” the new year at that moment. A sticker was added at that moment of the video, and it says “Happy New Year”. Other little stickers were also added to the video and it makes it more fun to watch.

Then the employees of the fast-food open the window of the drive-through because the order was ready. As soon as the lady that works at the drive-through sees the cockatoo, she seems intrigued, but the owner of the bird tells her that he was just having a blast with the song playing on the radio. The employee looks at the bird with amusement but with a little bit of fear. She laughs and finds the scene funny as the other employees come to the window to see the bird. Pickles gets more and more loud as he is very into the song and now he has an audience. He also did a few steps sideways on the window to try to get closer to the employees. The owner tells him to calm down and the employees are still at the window watching but they took one or two steps back. It is a shame that the video ends before we get to see how this ended but the channel that posted this video as other videos about the adventures of Pickles!

What a cute bird!

Pickles impresses these McDonald's employees with his dancing and screaming. Too funny!


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