Puppy's Platform Jump Results In Major Fail

Published November 25, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you like to see how puppies have fun and learn new things? The funniest part of having a dog is to see how he has fun and learn new things when he is just a puppy, since at an early age all dogs like to explore with the intention of learning new things and knowing how everything works. In this case, you can see how this beautiful puppy is learning to jump on an inclined platform, apparently this dog just wants to have fun and spend time playing with its owner, but it seems that something goes wrong and the dog ends up diving into the grass. Fortunately, the dog was not injured, had a lot of fun and learned a new lesson, which should better calculate the distance of his jumps. Don't worry, beautiful puppy, everything will be fine!

Dogs recognize the face of another individual (like all mammals) and when a dog has a strong emotional bond with a person, that is, when a dog loves you very much, it is normal that when he finds you after not seeing you during an El Time (minutes, hours or days) gets excited and your joy leads you to want to be closer to you, and that also includes being closer to your face. The "kisses" on the face that our dogs usually give us also have a lot to do with this theme. Dogs jump on people for the attention they receive. Like it or not, inevitably every time a dog jumps on you to greet you and interact with you, he manages to call you. Therefore, if every time you jump on a person you have some kind of interaction, you will never stop doing it.

It is normal for a dog to try to jump on us when we get home. That is his natural way of greeting us, because the dog tries to be close to us and reach our face to be able to greet us better. If your puppy is small and jumps on you or on other people to greet, it is generally fun and welcome, because no matter how much he jumps, his height will not reach your knees. What happens is that this same behavior is not received in the same way as a Saint Bernard, a German shepherd or any large dog. In those cases, the big dog that more than jumping when we get home, pounces on us, even if it is with good intention, can cause us to lose our balance or bring down a child with this kind of welcome so effusive.

When a dog makes mistakes, we just have to correct our dog with love because his "crazy" behavior bothers us and is even a risk. That is, we are not going to punish him or beat him for jumping on us or giving him stimuli of punishment. We will correct that behavior we do not want and, in return, we must show you what we want you to do to greet us. That is, communicate that there are better options to greet us, show your joy and emotion to see us, without bothering us or throwing us on the floor. We will change your attitude towards us and we don't like it, for a more appropriate one by using positive reinforcements. All puppies deserve love!