Tiny Frog Jumps Onto Newfoundland's Paw

Published November 22, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAll of you who ever wondered what is actually going on in your backyard when the night falls, pay attention to this video. This video shows Newfoundlands who have found a tiny frog on their paw. It sits on peacefully Priceless the frog jumps on Newfoundland paw! Look at the reaction of this Newfoundlands he watches the frog jump. Calm down! This puppy takes the frog's appearance very seriously and is alert to anything the intimidating frog does that doesn't stop jumping. Do you love what you brought me? The cute puppy keeps coming out of astonishment. A tiny frog jumps on a huge Newfoundland's paw and the gentle giant just watches it hop along. Priceless!

Since they are puppies it is necessary to try to educate them as best as possible, because the way of playing that the puppy has with his parents and siblings, is the one that he will have later when he grows up, in everything related to the game and how he bites. Those dogs that have not played in their childhood, can develop behavioral problems such as lack of control in the bite, aggressiveness in the game, an uncontrolled game, fears, traumas, and therefore socialization with the rest of dogs or animals somewhat complicated. For these and more reasons it is necessary to educate the puppies from the first day so that they are once more in the family and when they go out for a walk they can play with more dogs.

In certain cases, dogs can become possessive and can show signs of aggressiveness To prevent this from happening, since they are puppies it is necessary to get used to them and educate them so that when they grow up they will be sociable and play with more animals and people.Given the importance of play in the lives of dogs, it is necessary to become aware of the animals they are provided with, as they must be bought depending on their age and materials so that they do not damage their teeth, as they also fall out their teeth, for example. Buying pet from a dog is not for his entertainment, but for his play and interaction with his environment. In this way, a special bond is created between the pet and its closest circle. Many times the mistake is made to buy a pet that is not appropriate to the age of the dog and this impairs the cognitive development of the dog. Above all, you have to take into account the age of the pet, that pet containing small parts are not safe for them, so they should not be bought pet much more rigorous.