Impressive Corgi Keeps Up Balloon Like A Pro

Published November 20, 2019 6,255 Views $17.04 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs are pets capable of having fun alone? Watch how this adorable dog plays with a balloon like a pro! All dogs like to play and have fun, so they often look for objects around them that serve them to play, as is the case with balls, toys and balloons. There are dogs with a lot of energy, obviously this adorable Corgi is a dog with a lot of energy, since he can run and play with a balloon like a professional without letting the balloon touch the ground. This video was filmed by the owners of this adorable Corgi in Georgetown, D.C. Some dogs are professionals in what they do!

It is difficult to generalize what dogs like and dislike and how they behave. Like humans, all dogs have their own personalities and preferences learned, so they can differ dramatically in the way they perceive life and what they like about it. There are many ways to misjudge dogs assuming they are hairy humans. Dogs have a human taste for sharing. Humans can rationalize and appreciate the benefits of sharing. On the contrary, among dogs, possession is the only law. Therefore, we should not take away their toys, bones and prizes unless we have trained them to accept this type of intervention.

Dogs always enjoy the common physical signs of human affection. Humans often show their affection for others by hugging and snuggling. Dogs simply do not have the limbs and joints necessary to achieve this and, therefore, have not evolved to be able to give a warm hug. When humans hug them, many dogs may find this uncomfortable or threatening. The same applies to stroking the head.

Dogs like to relax as much as humans. We go to work and school, so we value the opportunity to relax at home and maybe watch TV. On the contrary, dogs spend most of their time at home and value exercise outside the property much more than they value the time they spend on the couch. So, for dogs, a change is not only not as good as rest, but it is much better.

Dogs approach when they want to play. Sometimes, owners get confused when a dog approaches a human or other dog in a friendly way and then growls or barks at them. The motivation of these dogs to approach can be mainly to obtain information, instead of interaction, and some may like strangers at first, but then, suddenly, they may feel anxious and overwhelmed. If you see this pattern, move your dog away from new dogs and humans after a few seconds.

A large garden can replace the walks. Because dogs spend a lot of time in the yard of the house, the area generally seems too familiar and sometimes quite boring. The size of a yard or garden is much less important for dogs than what happens there. It is really useful for the development of a dog to play with other dogs, with us and with their toys. In particular, they love doing it in a novel environment, so the time they spend outside the patio / garden of the house is the best fun. This dog has a lot of energy!

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