Giant Wrinkly Dog Sits On Top Of Another Dog

Published November 17, 2019 4,738 Views $10.06 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs also need time to sit and relax from time to time? Probably yes, since dogs resemble people in many ways, although in this case, something goes wrong. Dogs generally like to spend time with other dogs, especially if they are part of the same family, but this time one of the dogs turns out to be bigger and smarter than the other, so he ends up sitting on his friend dog. This big, wrinkled dog named Toad doesn't want to be disturbed, he just wants to relax for a moment, regardless of whether he is sitting on his friend, the other dog. Toad says it's comfortable to sit with your friend!

The truth is that there are many theories to explain this curious action and there is not one to which it is attributed completely. The most common theory gives us the idea that the dominant dog will try to mark his territory in front of the other members of the pack and sitting on our feet marks us as his property. If you do not let other people approach you or if you try to eliminate it, growl or touch the snout, it is advisable not to reinforce this behavior, as it could even bite you, and in this case it is important that you contact a veterinarian. However, this is not applicable for all dogs, on other occasions it is associated with separation anxiety (when the dog stays alone it feels abandoned). When he has missed us a lot during our absence, when he returns, he feels the need to be in continuous contact with us and that is when they adopt this type of behavior.

Normally these dogs are usually very nervous, they follow you where you go at home and when they are left alone at home it gives them the opportunity to break things or even bark. It is important to know the animal to determine in each case what the cause of that behavior may be. For example, if he is an extremely possessive dog, with an aggressive or jealous component, this type of behavior is likely to work with him to prevent him from becoming too aggressive a dog due to his possessiveness or dominance. The same action can be determined by different causes. If you think you may have a more serious behavior problem, do not hesitate to contact us. In these cases, it is better to put a solution on time, before the problem is too serious to solve. If you do not consider that you are doing something wrong and even like doing it, there is no reason to correct this behavior, although this is always more pleasant in small dogs
than in dogs of large or giant breeds, which may have more grace while they are puppies, but They can give you the strange problem when they reach their adult weight.

Finally, if your dog sits on you how much he is sad or has had a bad day, do not be surprised, since he is very likely to do so to feel much better and you will surely get it. It is wonderful to see that they have that gift to perceive our emotions, many times before the people around us. You know, sitting or lying on your feet can be very nice, but it can also have some negative consequences, be sure to do so before allowing it. Toad just wants to take a break!