Dog Born Without Front Legs Gets Comfy For Nap Time

Published November 15, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMaggi is this dog so special that was born without front legs, love to see how it accommodates for his nap. In spite of her condition she has all the energy that every pet has and does not give up easily. To rest small! For this intelligent dog to have two legs is not an impediment to be able to perfectly guide the cattle. despite missing two legs, the dog has never given up and his fighting spirit has served to overcome all adversities. Pets when joining a home become a member of the family so our duty is to integrate them and accept their conditions and the responsibility that this entails when adopting them, something that is very easy when you love the animals in the most sincere way.

Disability not only affects people, but also animals such as dogs, often caused by age, illness or accidents. Being puppies and even years later retain all the attributes to "conquer" their masters or keep them in love, but little is known of their fate when they enter the cone of shadows of high age perhaps becoming a hindrance. Dogs are appreciated for their intelligence and loyalty. They understand the social structure and their obligations and quickly learn the rules of conduct both with other animals and with human beings. Unfortunately, people tend to reject disabled animals and many abandon their pets when, by accident or illness, they end up not being able to fend for themselves.

However, animals can adapt to situations of incapacity much better than human beings. The animals have an extraordinary capacity of recovery adapting quickly to the loss of the mobility of some of their extremities and once healed their wounds learn easily to walk and even to run again since they do not go through a period of sadness, as frequently happens with people, but they face the new situation adapting their body quickly to this new change. Dogs are wonderful animals, they are endowed with extraordinary qualities and have an ability to enjoy life that few animals match. A dog will always give you back more than the help and affection you offer, learning to love them helps us to be more human.

A love as great as the one felt by the owner of this charming dog is only understood by those who love animals, who respect the life of an animal and assume the commitment to take care of it to the end. To give him a better quality with small actions, is the ideal thing. Animals with disabilities have the same right as people to overcome their physical impossibility.