Golden Retriever Enjoys Scenery From Cruise Ship Balcony

Published November 14, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMany people say that dogs are pets that can go out with their owners and enjoy the scenery, even if they are on a large cruise. The truth is that most dogs enjoy spending as much time as possible with their owners, for this reason, this Golden Retriever goes on vacation with its owners to go around the world on a great cruise. Dallas, the Golden Retriever, looks from the balcony of the cruise to enjoy the wonderful landscape that surrounds it, obviously it is an intelligent dog who loves to discover new things and spend time with their owners. This happened in San Juan. This dog knows how to enjoy the scenery!

One of the great advantages of cruises is that you can make routes that would be impossible in another means of transport. Crossing the Panama Canal or sailing among the icy mountains of Alaska are experiences that can only be done by boat. The same in terms of destinations, there are some islands that can only be reached by this means of transport. Cruises also offer the possibility of seeing several cities in a very short time and without the disadvantage of wasting time packing and unpacking. Of course, they are not designed for you to know a place in depth, but they do allow you to take the essence of the destinations and make unique adventures with pre-designed activities.

Despite what many believe, the cruise is not that expensive, at least not compared to all-inclusive resorts. In addition, you should keep in mind that you will save all the transportation you would pay to move from one city to another. And, in certain cases, it can even serve as a means of transportation. For example, you can use it to travel from Europe to America at a price that may surprise you. It is a way to have all the services included in a single package: meals, shows, activities inside the boat, such as minigolf, surfing or climbing, are part of the activities that a cruise includes. Which helps to maintain a more controlled budget.

If you are one of those who prefer to organize everything for you, cruises are an excellent option: from shore excursions to the plane to get to your hometown ship, most cruise companies offer the entire organization and without additional cost. You just need to hire the services with them. Whether you are eating, swimming or just walking on the terrace, the views of the sea are usually spectacular and unique. Although there are several types of cruises, a good part of the cruises focus on families, so there are activities and areas for members of the whole family, regardless of their age and even dogs.

The cruises become an excellent option for people with difficulties to move, since they are fully adapted for mobility with ramps and elevators, in addition to offering accessible shore excursions in almost all destinations. Whether you're looking for a luxury, romantic or family trip, there are more and more cruises focused on certain types of trips. This family and their pet are having a great time!


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