Puppy Cuddles And Naps With Baby Horse And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Published November 11, 2019 85,732 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you ever thought that a horse and a dog can be best friends? Probably not, since they are animals with very different heights, but this video shows that it is possible that a horse and a dog are best friends. Horses and dogs are very affectionate animals, they both love to have fun and spend time with their owners or their friends, you could say that they both like to create new friendships at all times. In this video you can see how an adorable puppy and a baby's horse take a nap together, obviously they are very confident and never want to separate. This is probably the most adorable thing you'll see in a long time!

Dogs and horses are animals that get along. Both enjoy nature and exercise and are, by nature, noble, loyal and generous animals. Having dogs and horses in a natural environment is surely one of the dreams of many animal lovers. Many of them comply; Social networks (especially Instagram, the most visual ones) are full of photos that "animals" hang from the relationship between their dogs and their horses.

When a horse and a dog meet for the first time, the dog tends to bark because he is an unknown being. These types of behaviors must be eliminated, since they can make the horse feel intimidated and react abruptly. The horse is generally larger than the dog in terms of constitution, but it generally happens that it may be afraid of the dog since, by nature, the horse is an escape animal and the dog is a predator. This does not mean that these two animals cannot get along and even form a great team that lives in harmony.

Horses and dogs can live in harmony, provided there is a previous training, since coexistence will not be born alone or coexist since childhood, it helps the dog to be a puppy to minimize barking, since its nature tends to bark. always and there enters the human so that harmony is possible. The first thing that our dog must learn and that the human teaches him is to respect places like stables, dogs are very prone to sneak. Dogs are very curious animals!

In order for the horse and the dog to get used to it, it is necessary to take the dog towards the horse, but always subject to the leash, as well as its tendency to bark, we must reprimand it and gently pull the leash. Every time he does, at the same time, we tell him not to bark. The horse will gradually lower its guard and get used to the dog. It is normal that when the faces are seen for the first time, the dog tends to bark, which will cause the horse to try to run away and will even get so nervous that it will lift its legs and cook with the danger it represents. In this case, we must strengthen our state of domination over the dog with a pull on the leash and a firm attitude, demonstrating dominance. Best friends forever!

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