Water-skiing labrador shows off some impressive skills

Published November 14, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever thought that dogs can love water skiing as much as people? Regardless of your response, this video will surprise you completely. Many dogs like water, these pets can love water as much as people, obviously, love for water could change depending on the breed of the dog. In this case, you can see how a Labrador dog named Dexter loves water as much as its owners, for that reason, he practices skiing with his owners, he can even show some skills on his surfboard. Obviously, Dexter loves challenges and water, so he doesn't lose any opportunity to spend time with his owners and enjoy the beautiful water that surrounds him. Dexter is a dog that loves adrenaline!

There are some breeds little able to swim, such as dog breeds with flat snouts, such as: Bulldog, Boxer and Pug, among others; Or, there are races whose greatest ability is to run or jump. On the other hand, there are swimming breeds such as: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Spanish Water Dog, Portuguese Water Dog; since these dogs on their paws have an interdigital membrane that helps them swim faster. If you have any of these dog breeds, you should be warned, it is very possible that every time you pass near a river, sea or pool, he runs to enter without thinking!

However, no dog is born learned, it is something they have to experience and if they like it they can enjoy it without problems, so they can swim, play and enjoy. Even so, it does not matter the type of breed, whenever your dog enters a lake, river or sea, you must take it into account to avoid accidents. Another factor is that there are people who generally reprimand the dog with water when they do something wrong or ignore it. This makes your hairy drink the water as punishment, associate it with something negative and being like this will never enjoy being in the water. Sometimes water can be a lot of fun!

One of the most important decisions we make is with whom we want to share our life. A good choice will bring us happiness while, in the opposite case, we know the consequences it will have. By taking the step, we think about what we can bring to that person, but also what she will give us. Something similar happens when we think about adopting an animal. You can deliver a lot of yourself, but in this article we will see the benefits you get if you share your life with a pet. Dogs are one more member of the family!

The importance of the dog in society goes beyond games and caresses. In practice, dogs play a fundamental role and their presence helps in numerous scenarios of daily life. Man's best friend is key to helping improve the physical and psychological condition of people and, being trained, they are always there to protect and care. It is a very special relationship that must continue to be cultivated. Dexter loves water!