Heroes Save Dog With Her Puppies Abandoned At Side Of The Road

Published November 13, 2019

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThese everyday heroes save this abandoned mother with her puppies by the side of the road. Seeing when a dog or any animal is rescued is one of the most rewarding experiences there is. To save a life worth as much as any other fills us with tranquility and joy. Have you ever rescued a helpless animal? That says a lot about you and your good heart! Animals deserve to be cared for and not exposed to danger, especially when it comes to puppies that have barely arrived in this world eager to explore, but unfortunately sometimes they are abandoned by unscrupulous people or are simply stray dogs that don't have a family. You have to see it!

It's not easy to help or rescue a stray animal, it's not a game and it shouldn't be a hobby. In fact, we should start by excluding one of those two terms. It doesn't do much good to "help" them, you have to be ready to complete the whole process until it ends up as a Rescue. The Rescue as such should be seen as a short, medium or long term process, which is interdisciplinary, that is, it is composed of the careful work of several specialists.

But don't panic either. When we speak of specialists, we are not only referring to doctors with experience and academia. There are true rescue specialists, whose career and external life have nothing to do with Veterinary Medicine. Protective groups that know how to approach huraños or even aggressive animals, temporary homes that know how to promote and find definitive homes, psychologists and ethologists that help the pet to reduce anxiety, stress or fear. In short, people who apart from their life activities (accountants, teachers, masters and housewives, waiters, salesmen, it doesn't matter...) dedicate a great part of their week to help domestic animals that fell into the bad fortune of human indifference or carelessness, because one thing must be clear: ALL domestic animals that survive on the street have this factor as their origin.

Rescuing a stray dog is an incredibly satisfying process that can be as short or as long as our willingness to help, but also as the discipline we have in this regard. Any street animal, no matter how long or short it has been in that state, has a health and hygiene wear, but above all, it has an emotional wear from facing rain, cars, indifferent or even aggressive people, noise and lack of food.

So the first step, very careful, is to know how to approach it. It doesn't matter if he is a small dog or a "helpless kitten", stressed and frightened he can react violently, assaulting you and endangering his life by running away. You must approach with caution, but firmly. Don't let your first step be to grab it, or even caress it. You should start by approaching with your arms down, to avoid looking like a threat. If you can sit a few steps away from him, on a bench or on the sidewalk. Show him that you are not a danger, that you are calm. At best, the animal itself will approach, slowly or confidently, but by being by your side, it will show that it is not afraid of you and you can move forward.


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