Dog Enjoys The Ride While His Face Hilarious Flaps In The Wind

Published November 7, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen how excited dogs look when they travel by car? The truth is that dogs love walks, regardless of whether they are walking, motorcycle or car, dogs always like to walk around the city and spend time with their owners. Most dogs like to poke their heads out the car window, for some reason, dogs love the breeze to hit their faces, it is a very nice feeling for dogs. In this case, you can see how this dog from San Bernardo enjoys a lot when traveling by car with his owners, obviously today is a good day for this adorable dog. The reaction of this dog is very cute!

Everyone loves to walk their dog, because that makes them very happy dogs. We already know that it is a great responsibility, since it must meet your basic needs, such as food, health, play and also your daily walk. Keep in mind that there are races that will need more time to walk or go out more times a day. The first and most fundamental benefit of all is that your dog does his necessities in the street, in this way his house will remain clean and free of bad smells. That is why, since he is a puppy, you must teach him that when he leaves, it is there that he must meet his needs.

Other reasons why it is good to walk your pet is because it keeps fit, as it exercises, burns calories and prevents you from suffering from obesity, a disease that attacks many dogs. In this way they will be more active and exercise their joints, something they will appreciate in their old age. If you take your dog several times a day, you will promote that, in addition to being physically healthy, you will be better emotionally and also strengthen your mental activity. If you walk your dog, you will notice that the links between him and you will be strengthened. The activities for which a dog is most grateful are those that feed him and take him for a walk, so take advantage of these outings to play with him and strengthen his ties.

As you know, the smell is the sharpest sense of dogs, they need to exercise it because if not, there is a risk of stunted growth. If your dog goes for a walk, you can take advantage of sniffing everything to get to know its surroundings better. In addition, it has been shown that dogs that go for a walk with their owners become more sociable, both with humans and with other dogs. It is very nice to see your pet play in the park with others of the same species. In this way, your faithful friend will not be aggressive or suffer depression.

When our pet returns from his walk, he is already tired and willing to sleep for a while, in this way he will avoid suffering from hyperactivity, anxiety or stress and will have more time to do other things, since he will keep calm. If you use your dog to leave childhood, you will get used to all kinds of noises, smells, people and even other animals. Then, when you suddenly hear a noise, he will not feel fear, since it will be familiar to you. Dogs love to walk!


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