Sneaky Parrot Steals Chihuahua's Treat At The Perfect Moment

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You can't miss this pair of ingenious pets who made an elaborate plan to take the gift away from this Chihuahua. The unfortunate chihuahua has run out of his sandwich because the other one but Zack distracted him so that the mastermind of the Mao crime would do his and steal his gift. Very funny!Domestic poultry breeding is an ancient practice, but one that continues to conquer followers to this day. Parrots, for example, continue to be loved and admired for their privileged intelligence and remarkable sociability. In fact, the parrot's behavior can be surprising and very favorable to training. And it is very common to see birds coexisting with any type of pet, something that animal lovers love because it could be a wildly amusing combination.

The Chihuahua is a dog that will focus all its attention and affection on a single person, its owner, being very jealous of anyone who wants to leave it aside interacting with this person.This fact must be corrected through a good socialization of the dog and a good education to avoid disappointments, because if we do it correctly, we will have a great dog lover of family life, very balanced and attentive to all members of the family.

As far as strangers and other animals are concerned, the Chihuahua will be very barking in front of them trying to protect what is theirs. But he will also bark in any situation that excites him.The Chihuahua is a perfect dog to live in an apartment because of its size, settling for small spaces to sleep and rest. It is also obvious that when it comes to your food you will not be spending a lot of money, as you will be eating small amounts a day. Despite its small size, you need daily exercise like all dogs to develop properly.You should proceed with caution when you want to add a canine companion to your family if you already have a bird. Some dogs may show aggression towards parrots while others may ignore them completely. If your parrot seems overly anxious or stressed by the presence of a dog, reconsider buying one.

On the other hand, a good combination for your bird's companion are the Golden and Labrador retriever dogs, which are often affectionate and tolerant dogs that can withstand parrots. Both breeds are "very friendly" to other animals. When introducing your dog to a parrot, you should observe it carefully and control its reaction. If your dog seems interested but is easily distracted, this is a good indication that the two can get along. If your dog's attention cannot be diverted and he shows signs of predatory aggression such as rushing, barking and grunting at your parrot, you should immediately remove your puppy, as these signs will most likely not get along with your parrot.Puppies are full of energy and tend to be rude and playful. Chewing, pouncing and nibbling are normal behaviors. An adult dog is a better choice when it comes to mixing birds and dogs. When an adult dog has matured its predatory instincts are easy to decipher.

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