Talking Husky says 'I Love You' to owner

Published October 30, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs can talk and feel love just like people? Today, many people have a dog as a pet, and the truth is that most of these people make sure that their dogs can feel strong emotions like love. This Husky dog is learning to speak, since he can tell his owner "I love you" and then he says "I know", obviously, this dog has many intentions to learn to speak, and he can also feel a lot of love towards his owner. All dogs like to learn new things, but this Husky dog is on another level, he wants to learn to speak perfectly. Priceless!

That dogs feel love is a somewhat complex statement, although those who have a pet say that dogs feel and understand human emotions. There are those who say they are "humanizations" since dogs cannot feel. Although the experience of pet owners is important, science wanted to check the functioning of the brains of animals for stimuli such as laughter or crying in their owners and determine if there really is a recognition of human emotions. The dogs are amazing!

Those who have a pet in their home will have asked more than once if dogs really feel like us, but they will have noticed that it is not a question, but an affirmation. We can scientifically state that dogs have different feelings, such as jealousy, sadness and happiness. When we cry or are sick, we notice that our dog is always by our side. Until a while ago, scientists argued that dogs did it out of curiosity and not because they felt our feelings at that time.

After years of research, they have discovered that dogs can rejoice and cry, according to the stimuli they receive around them. Similarly, they can identify these moods in people. When someone in your environment is visibly distressed, the natural instinct leads them to try to provide support and support. Even, even in the case of strangers, "does not love." The opposite effect can generate contagious laughter in them. If the people around you are happy, the dogs also seem to smile. Many dogs are really eloquent in expressing their crush. The most obvious signs are the frantic movements of the tail when greeting the loved one. They can even try to communicate verbally!

Pampering a dog is a clear and effective way to show the affection we feel. But we must understand that not all our displays of affection are comfortable for our best friends. Today, many people confuse loving and caring for a pet by treating it as people or babies. We must understand that a dog is a dog and should be treated as such. And that does not mean that they are more or less than human beings. It simply means that canine nature is different from human nature and deserves to be respected in its unique aspects and needs. You probably thought that dogs could not feel love or learn to speak, but this video shows that it is possible. This is fantastic!