Extreme cyclist skids to an epic fall in beautiful fall scenery

Published October 28, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsMost people love the beautiful colors of trees in the fall, so many people always take the time to walk and enjoy nature a bit, but there are also people who take advantage of bicycles to travel faster and enjoy plus. On October 23, 2019 in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, a group of cyclists tries to travel a tree-lined path to enjoy the nature and colors of autumn, however, due to the bad luck of one of the cyclists, something comes out wrong and ends up having an accident. It seems that this cyclist was distracted and made a bad move, which caused him an accident, fortunately he is well, he is only slightly injured, since the leaves of the trees cushioned his fall and kept him away from cars. You always have to be alert!

Autumn brings many changes, and it is these that prepare nature for winter. Many do not like the leaves to fall from the trees, that at this time you have to wear a sweater, which is no longer possible to swim in the pool or enjoy an ice cream to relieve heat. It means less time outside and more time inside, and although we see the sun, it is not the same as it manifests during the summer.

During the autumn the leaves change color, many animals migrate, the weather begins to cool compared to the summer heat, among many other things. This teaches me that, if changes occur in nature, I can only expect the same to happen in my own life; These changes will come and life is not something you are waiting for or pausing, but it needs changes, even if they are painful and not convenient.

Autumn reminds me that it is a stage of preparation for winter, and that without this season nature would not be ready for spring. That is, there is no spring without autumn, and vice versa. Like nature, we also need a stage in which we can prepare for a different stage; but this is impossible to obtain without going through our own fall.
In autumn, many animals change their physical form in a process of adaptation to new circumstances, weather conditions and food. In this season, for example, the tadpole makes the transition to toad or frog. In the same way, I hope in this moment to evolve to the next stage, and thus transform myself into a better, more agile person, with greater resources and more able to survive happily in this life.

In the fall, some manifestations of nature are used to have enough energy for spring and summer, so that new leaves grow and fruits reappear. During the fall, more leaves fall from the trees with the intention of saving energy for the new leaves, which will emerge in the spring. However, many animals do the opposite: autumn is the most active time for many animals that have to store food for winter, such as squirrels. As in nature, it is important to find the balance between resting to conserve energy and get to work to continue. If nature has found a way to find a good balance, we can too. Never stop having fun!


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    Hi, I am La Chienvlog from Thailand

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    That was a great landing, assuming he is okay. It looked like he tucked and rolled well. Good video!

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