Dog prays before meal

Published October 28, 2019 8,953 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt more often nowadays that we see how animals have really evolved alongside humans. No matter what the animal might be, it is so that the more time that they spend in the company of people, they seem to slowly take on our manner and habits. There are many videos out there that truly display the intellect of animals, whether they help with the groceries, or bring the mail in or even just let you know that there is someone at the door by barking. This is only one of the few one's we have seen as the internet has billions of videos and of course videos taken by proud owners. Lets not talk about the dogs that have been chosen to live a professional life and that have care takers and lots of time and patience put into them. Those guys are truly genius!

Today we have somewhat of an interesting video. This video we believe is taken in someplace close to a church and from what looks like a pastor is spending time with his loyal companion, the doggy you see in the video. These two it seems have worked out quite the routine as they both know their place when it comes to feeding time. The puppy lines up with his owner and waits for the time that his friend starts with the prayer. As the pastor is ready, he sets the bowl of food in front of the puppy and asks from the puppy to lay down right in front of the bowl. That's when the pastor starts to sing the wholly song and all of a sudden it is quit time. The doggy focuses on the pastor as he sings the prayer and waits for the end. And after a little while the pastors pauses and says "Amin" to finalize the prayer.

Puppy has no time to wait and immediately of patience to this puppy! jumps on the food! This is one truly interesting and before unseen bond. Well, at least to us! Of course many of us have been introduced to really smart puppies and dogs and many other animals for that matter. We can never not be surprised to see another smart and clever animal as it does blow our mind away. If you happen to be a parent that seems to struggle with their kid, maybe it is time to try what this pastor doe. It sure does bring lots