Singing doberman howls along to piano music

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDid you ever think that dogs could be music lovers? The truth is that most dogs have different tastes, and some may love music and others may not. For dogs there is nothing more fun than being surrounded by nice people, so you can see how this Doberman dog howls while a man plays the piano. Obviously, this dog loves music, since he cannot avoid joining the piano session of this man, who manages to attract the attention of many people, since it is not common to find dogs that love the sound of pianos. This is really fun!

Pet owners have always heard that music tames beasts. However, they may not really know if this saying is true. In the case of dogs, there are many reasons why they may get nervous or need a little more peace of mind. Normally, these nerves are generated by situations outside the dog, such as children who make noise, fireworks, etc.

Humans love to listen to music. We have songs for all kinds of occasions: when we are happy, when we are sad and even when we don't need to think about anything. Music, sung or simply melodies, helps us dance, burn energy and relax. It is a very important part of our lives and there are many people who say they could not live without it. Even when we haven't heard any song for a long time, we can still hum songs and even learn the lyrics by heart easily.

Music also helps us to have good memories, but it can also remind us of other moments. The songs accompany us everywhere and the music plays in discos, shops, telephones, public transport and even in classes for young and old. Therefore, human beings tend to think that our pets will like everything we like and we must bear in mind that they are another type of animal that has needs and tastes different from ours. However, studies have shown that dogs are a pet that seems to enjoy music and reacts differently depending on the type of music or the sound a song produces.

Like humans, dogs would have musical preferences and feel more comfortable listening to some sounds than others. Then, certain songs would help us relax the dog and others could be more nervous, with more desire to move. Therefore, if you want to put music to your dog, it is very important that you learn to see what your favorite sound or musical genre is if you want it to relax, for example, when you have to leave home and leave it alone.

In addition, these studies have also shown that dogs like to have background music and that they prefer these sounds to absolute silence, especially when they have to be left alone at home in the absence of their owners. Therefore, in these moments when your pet will be alone and will want to leave some background music, at a volume not too high, since it will be more ambient music, it is better to know which musical genre is best suited for your dog.


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