Aurora Borealis cascades sky in alien-green light

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Rumble / Natural PhenomenaHave you ever seen a northern lights up close? Probably not, since not all people are lucky enough to see something as magnificent as that, the northern lights are undoubtedly a wonder of the universe that you have to know how to enjoy. On December 12, 2017, in Haukland Beach, Lofoten, Norway, an aurora borealis of incredible magnitude has captivated many people, and its size is expected to increase with the years, as the northern lights tend to increase with the years as nature allows. You can see how there are many people watching the incredible northern lights, since it is something really incredible. This is beautiful!

Since childhood we are used to admire natural wonders every day, we like to interact with pets and plants, and in many cases, we stick to them as if they were part of our family. Also from our childhood we marvel at those animals that are wild and that move elegantly through our surroundings or in distant places in search of their food. We can observe them in places specially prepared for that, such as zoos or botanical parks, and it is necessary for humans to know how to maintain, conserve and care for those places and their inhabitants accordingly.

Nature is also present when we look at the landscape and its beauty surprises us, when it rains and we see the drops fall in our window. Sometimes thunder scares us and we fear very violent and dangerous weather events such as tornadoes, tidal waves or earthquakes. The sensations generated by nature are endless. All this shows us that our life is directly related to nature and, although sometimes we believe that we no longer need it, it is in everything and we must take care of it.

For many people it is clear that our relationship with nature is intrinsic. We could not exist without him, without all his resources and elements, without everything that makes him so perfect, beautiful and dangerous. As rational beings, it is up to us to make the necessary effort so that everything she gives us continues to exist in the most original conditions possible, so that it remains a source of resources and beauty, so that other living beings can survive on our side in the complex planet in which we live.

It is important to understand that caring for the environment will not only allow us to delight in natural landscapes and everything that nature has created in millions of years of evolution, but will also be a way to take care of ourselves as members of this ecosystem, such as those that they need it and must protect it for their own well-being, avoiding imbalances that can put an end to our survival, that destroy the beauty and harmony of nature, leave indelible marks and endanger life. Our responsibility is total in the face of these problems and, therefore, we must act accordingly to guarantee the life that belongs to us and that of other living beings that suffer these changes without being able to do anything about it.


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    Oh my uncle, wonderful nature, you are very lucky to shoot this phenomenon, congratulations.

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