Smart Newfoundland Expertly Fetches The Newspaper

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs are the smartest pets in the world? Many people say that dogs are pets capable of learning anything, since it is very easy for them to understand people's behavior and follow their instructions, since for dogs there is nothing better than seeing their happy owners. In this case, we can see how this intelligent dog has learned to look for the newspaper when its owner cannot do it, so every morning the dog goes out to the garden to look for the newspaper to take it to its owner, obviously they are best friends, since the two understand each other perfectly and love each other very much. This dog is great!

Over the years, many experiments have been conducted with dogs, in fact, they show that they assimilate vocabulary similarly to children: through inference and exclusion. Some dogs may even relate abstract tags to specific objects. If you show the word ball to a copy and hide one among many other things, it will be applied when you call it out loud. But if he later removes it and claims an object again, and this time he has to find a tennis ball, then it follows that he refers to the same category and chooses the correct option.

Dogs can also copy and imitate us, something that very few animals get and that is fundamental in social learning. Although they don't do it spontaneously, like the great apes, they have an innate ability to do so. On one occasion, scientists conditioned a group of dogs to open a door by pushing it. Half would receive a prize for emulating humans, while the rest were encouraged to do so by their own methods. Go away? The group of imitators learned much faster. That is, dogs do not address this type of problem through trial and error: they can solve it immediately if they see someone do it first.

The conclusion is that canine memory is more similar to ours than previously thought. In fact, they also have the modality called declarative or episodic, the ability to consciously recover memories associated with facts or knowledge. Plastic and flexible, the vocal cords of dogs allow them to emit sounds with meanings that both their partners and humans understand, since the barking varies depending on the context in breadth, duration and tone. Therefore, they make themselves heard to recruit others from their class in case of danger and identify individuals by the sounds they perceive, classifying them as friends or enemies.

If the volunteer was present when Topál closed the boxes, then the dog did nothing to help him. That is, he was aware of what he had seen or not in the past. Although dogs do not have such complex language as ours, their intelligence to communicate is fascinating. Obviously, dogs and people can get along quite well and this video proves it, since this dog and its owner understand each other perfectly and support each other. The dog is man's best friend!


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