Baby Koala Mistakes Doggy For Its Mother

4 years ago

Are you one of the people who thinks that koalas are quite interesting animals? If your answer is positive, then this video is for you. In this video you can see how a baby Koala confuses a dog with his mother, so try to hug him very hard, and this is quite fun for dog owners, since they did not expect something like this to happen. The owners of the dog let him out with the intention of going to the bathroom, since the dog had begun to bark and thought it was just that, but then they noticed that there was something strange, so they decided to go take a look. Tony is a very tolerant and friendly dog, since he has no problems with his new friend Koala, so Tony's owners began filming the fun moment to share it on social networks. It seems that Tony will be the new mother of this baby Koala!

The koala is herbivorous and feeds mainly on eucalyptus leaves. You can spend up to 5 hours a day eating. Although they can eat at any time of the day, they tend to do more during the night. They take their time to chew eucalyptus leaves and don't have much competition to get food. So, in this case, this little koala doesn't represent any danger to Tony, since he never wanted to hurt her, he just thinks she is his mother, maybe because of the color of his hair.

It is likely that the koala is one of the most tender animals in the world. Maybe it's their fur, the shape of their face or the way they cling to trees and hug them all day, or they can even hug their mothers all day long when they are still babies. It was recently discovered that the trees in which koalas live can be up to 12 degrees colder than air. For koalas, trees are like when a person is thrown to the ground because it is the best of the house after a hot day.

Being marsupials, Koala babies are born without hair, without ears, blind and without any ability to survive. Their mothers put them in a bag that they have in the front of their body. Babies remain there while the mother feeds them, protects them from the cold and other animals until they turn six months. At this time, baby Koala has already developed and climbs on Tony's back, perhaps with the intention of getting some food and shelter, since he has confused him with his mother.

Many people say that dogs are very capable animals to feel real emotions, so Tony does not harm this baby koala, since he knows that he is a helpless animal that only tries to get help. It is important that dogs meet other animals, since in this way they become more tolerant and intelligent dogs, since they learn very quickly how the world around them works. This is the most fun and adorable
thing you'll see today!

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