Lollipop Lacing Rings Develop Fine-Motor Skills

Published October 12, 2019 25 Views

Rumble These “lollipop” rings are versatile while working on many different motor, cognitive, language and other skills. I have previously shared videos of activities that involve weaving in and out on various boards/shapes or long strands of plastic or fabric textures with slits or holes cut out of them for inserting, stringing or lacing. I share videos below that demonstrate how to make and use these types of activities.
This video demonstrates how I simplified the task so that success would be easier. The client simply needs to use his or her hands to stabilize the board or strand and remove the inserted “lollipop”. The lollipop shapes may have small holes so that they can be attached to a pegboard or a larger hole that enables it to be pushed down a ring stack. Perhaps your child or client would like to string them on cord or laced on a board. Adjust the size of the holes according to the client’s or your child’s fine motor control and abilities.
I adapted the activity shown in the video to require one client to ask a peer to take the lollipop rings from him and stack them on a tall ring stack. The seated client has cerebral palsy and was working on using his hands together. He was able to slow down his requests to take the pieces and say “please” (not shown in video) as we worked with his friend to take each lollipop ring from him. This activity works on skills to improve

1) Visual attention
2) Following directions/sequencing
3) eye-hand coordination
4) using the weaker hand to stabilize materials
5) balance (when performed standing)
6) reaching/shoulder strengthening (when performed reaching to shoulder height or higher.
7) Vestibular sensory stimulation when moving high/low or across the room to place objects in containers.
8) Proprioception/body awareness to judge how much force to use to push the rings down the tall ring stack
9) Social skills to work with a peer
10) Communication skills to get the peer’s attention in an appropriate manner

The following videos demonstrate making and using similar activities:
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