Spiral Lacing for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Published October 6, 2019 23 Views

Rumble This activity provides a new "twist" to lacing. To begin, cut a spiral shape as demonstrated in this video: https://rumble.com/v60wky-how-to-make-spring-rings-for-fine-motor-activities.html
Use a heavy-duty hole puncher to make holes. Tie a string to one end, suspend and voila you are ready for developing dexterity!
This activity can be adapted by:
1)Use tie wraps instead of string to increase challenge
2)Use firmer cord instead of string to make easier
3) Enlarge the holes by cutting around the holes after they are punched
4) Suspend from a book stand or wall according to the individual's needs
5) Place the tie wraps in a container across the room to integrate movement into the activity
6) Punch fewer holes with bigger spacing than shown in the video to make easier
7) Make the spiral longer by tying 2 together

This activity develops eye-hand coordination, visual attention, reaching/shoulder strengthening, and bilateral hand skills (using hands together).

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